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So it's goodbye from Penny at Millbrig (pictured with Steve) above). But before I go, who do I thank for this musical creative burst? My first boyfriend Mick, who I busked with in Brighton, and on the London underground (when it was illegal, and the policemen used to get very cross) then around the streets and cafes in France.... and so many others I have met along the way...

After a gap of many years, while I knocked out three delightful girls (they will hate me for saying that)  I began to play at local folk clubs in Aberdeenshire (Tin Hut, Fyvie folk club, Tarves folk club, starting about 2007, and more latterly I have played in Aberdeen city places (Musa Café, Cellar 35, Blue Lamp, Brew Dog, Blackfriars, The Globe etc.) and in my local-ish pub's brilliant open mic, The Smiddy Inn at Daviot. Last year (2016) I played more seriously at clubs as Millbrig (with Steve) and we played at a couple of festivals and on local radio. 

This year we played more festivals - two at Stonehaven (thanks to the Lions), Pitmedden Music festival, Tartan heart (Belladrum) near Inverness.

In addition, we have gone from uploading MP3's to Soundcloud, to fine tuning these productions onto .wav, and these will available to download on Spotify, Amazon, i-Tunes etc. very shortly.  

So thanks to all the folk who have put up with my amateur playing, and inability to sing louder than a mouse, let alone in tune. I have never claimed to be able to sing or play ploppley. And I especially thank Ollie Allridge, for telling me to ‘ Plug it in, cos nobody can effing hear you’ at Harefest Festival 2015, and Steve Allan, a true musician and a professional, for telling me off , and for berating me almost daily, so getting me off my backside, and for believing that I could, with help, transpose my memories and lived experiences and create something in cyberspace that will last, and that my three girls can listen to (whilst howling with laughter, nae doot!  ) when I am long gone, or when I have completely lost my faculties. If I pop my clogs today,  I go happy.

But in the meantime,  if you want a copy of our cd, get in touch.

We are also available for private functions. We favour old stone dwellings and castles, and have our own kit.

Thanks for visiting Millbrig.

Love and Peace, 


Note: Please note all text/images/music and songs/lyrics listed here, and the CD's referred to are copyrighted and the exclusive property of Millbrig Music Ltd. (except where co-owned as mentioned, and/or produced by Yorlum) and must not be played in public, exported from the UK, downloaded by businesses or reproduced by anyone or stuck up your jacksie, without our explicit permission. All these songs are originals, and protected by PRS.

Thank you.

Update: Alas, I have had to move from the barn. Though having slept on the floor for two years, this may turn out to be a good thing. Although I am sad about this, every note, chord and song, will be carried from here with me, along with some of my best memories to date. Nobody can ever take those away. Or our contact email